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Detailed schedule rundown:

  • Presentation: the history of katazome (30 minutes)

    • Historical background and brief overview of the process​

    • Regional histories and similar resist process throughout the world

    • Types of dyes

  • Demonstration and workshop

    • Cutting the kata-gami (1-2 hours)

    • Making the resist (mixing the mochiko, bran, lime, balling up and steaming, mixing and cooling. 1-2 hours)

    • Squeegeeing (30 minutes)

    • Drying the resist (20 minutes)

    • Dyeing the fabric (2 hours)

    • Fixing the dye (steaming, 1 hour)

    • Rinsing out the resist (10-20 minutes)

    • Drying and ironing (30 minutes)​​

Students: please bring one design to turn into a stencil, about 11x11 in size or smaller. Artwork can be modified in class to make it work for katazome. Please don't bring art that is too detailed, because that will affect the sharpness of the result.

Design will be dyed into unbleached, quality cotton linen of 1/2 yard.

Food is not provided unless specified otherwise. Please bring a lunch and a beverage.

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